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  • Please note our new address: 1259 Berri Suite 900 Montreal, Qc.

To make an appointment

Before making an appointment you should do a urine pregnancy test to confirm that you are pregnant. This test can be done at home, at a pharmacy, or at the doctor’s office. When you call to book the appointment, we will need certain information. Please have the following information at hand when you call.

  1. Name and birth date of the person requiring the appointment, as well as a telephone number at which we can leave a message
  2. The date of the last period
  3. Pertinent medical history related to chronic illnesses (epilepsy, diabetes, cardiac problems, or bleeding disorders such as von Willebrand’s)
  4. History of asthma (we will ask that you bring your pump with you)
  5. Allergies to medication (know which medication if possible)
  6. Names of any medication that is currently being taken (know the names of the medication)

Information for the day of the appointment: preparation

We will ask you to:

  • do not eat and/or drink anything as of 3 hours before your appointment
  • bring all pertinent documents (document with blood type such as a card from Héma-Québec, and an ultrasound report if you have one)
  • be accompanied by someone for the return home
  • plan to be at the clinic for about 2½ hours
  • not drive, work, or supervise children for 24 hours following the procedure (if you are at the clinic for laminaria insertion, these indications are from the beginning of the 1st appointment until 24 hours after the procedure)
  • abstain from drinking alcohol 24 hours before and after the procedure
  • abstain from taking recreational drugs 24 hours before and after the procedure
  • confirm your appointment three week days before
  • present your valid Québec medicare card (RAMQ) at the reception
  • present photo ID if you do not have a medicare card. We will ask the person coming with you to do the same for security reasons (medicare card, Canadian driver’s licence or passport)

If a payment is necessary we will ask you to make it by cash or debit card (interac). We are not able to accept cheques or credit cards.

The clinic is situated at 1259 Berri Suite 900 Montreal
Our telephone number is 514-844-4844.
Our toll-free number is 1-888-401-4844

Information about the procedure

The stay at the clinic will last about three to four hours. If you are coming initially for a laminaria insertion (in the case of a second trimester procedure) your first visit will be about two hours. The time required includes filling out your medical file, admission, counselling, blood tests, and the ultrasound, as well as a recovery period.

The woman presents her medicare card or other valid ID at reception to have access to the clinic. The person accompanying her also provides photo ID. No one is allowed to wait inside the clinic without valid ID. The client fills out her medical file and is given information about the procedure. She meets the counsellor alone to review her file, unless she requires the assistance of a translator. She will have an opportunity to discuss contraception methods with the counsellor if she wishes. She signs the consent for the abortion before proceeding.

She then sees a nurse who does preliminary tests and proceeds with the ultrasound to be able to determine the number of weeks of pregnancy.

Another nurse prepares the procedure room and accompanies the woman to the room to prepare her for the procedure. The waiting time between the ultrasound and the procedure is usually about ten minutes to half an hour, depending on how the day is going.

The doctor reviews the medical history and begins with a modified gynaecological exam. She will not do a Pap test, but will take a swab for chlamydia and gonorrhea screening. As well as using a local anaesthetic, we offer an intravenous narcotic analgesic (fentanyl or Sublimaze) and other analgesics or anxiolytics. A first trimester procedure or a laminaria tent insertion takes about 10 minutes.

Laboratory analyses are done at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital or at St.-Luc Hospital. Women with the Rh negative factor receive an injection of the WinRho SD immunoglobulin to protect future pregnancies.

When the procedure is finished the woman is accompanied to the recovery room where another nurse takes care of her. The woman stays a minimum of one hour after she has received the narcotic medication, under the surveillance of qualified personnel. Women who have had a second trimester procedure may stay longer so that we are able to evaluate their bleeding. The woman receives information about what usually happens in the days following the abortion procedure, as well as contraception information. Contraceptive pill samples, contraceptive patch samples, the Nuva-Ring as well as the IUD and dépo-provera are available at the clinic for our abortion clients. The woman may be given a prescription or antibiotic medication to prevent or treat an infection. The client is discharged when she is stable. Driving in the 24 hours following the procedure is strictly prohibited.

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